Possibly this was my most embarrassing incident to do with LRH:“It occured on the Original Class VIII course, in Oct 1968.We were docked in Corfu, a small Greek Island halfway between Greece and Italy.

Each night at 8.00 p.m. LRH gave a lecture.

We were in the main dining room which doubled as the lecture room. Behind LRH were the picture windows facing out to the docks across the way.

Thus there were an approx 300 of the upper level SO Staff and Class VIII students crammed into this room – facing Hubbard and Mary-Sue who sat alongside LRH – so except for LRH and MSH we all viewed the activities outside the windows.

Each night at around 8.30 pm there was a ferry from Corfu to Brindisi that would leave. It was very punctual. There was a lot of clanging and banging and the revving of engines and the ferry would come chugging past us – the sounds are probably still on the tapes.

Of course this pissed LRH off – he would turn and glare at the offending ferry boat.

Any way one night at the exact time there was the usual clanging and banging and the revving of engines the chugging past us noise.

LRH does not turn his head but stares straight us and proceeds to give us how he is exterior with full perceptics – and describes the ferry, etc. He was really puffed up with his ability to demonstrate his exterior with full perceptics.

The only problem was that night a tug boat towing a garbage scow was what went past the windows.

We all witnessed it – the emperor was naked!!!

There was deathly silence in the room – the room went very solid. No one looked at another.

Later on only Fred Fairchild, Nev Chamberlin and I dare speak about it. But every staff member and future Class VIII were given a major withhold that night.”

–Alan Walter


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  1. Inspired says:

    🙂 What a fraud and phoney and we only discovered this recently. I’m glad now though that the internet has all this information which can hopefully educate people before they chance to go into an org.

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