To OSA Staff

Dear OSA staff,

Firstly, I understand your desire to protect the church and send to hell all those who would bar the road to total freedom for others.

Maybe if you looked at it from another viewpoint you could see that some of those you view as “enemies” are really trying to achieve the same thing you are—Total Freedom.

LRH says:

“…But anything which you must not touch and upon which you are not supposed to have any effect at all will sooner or later make you the unwilling or unknowing effect of it. Right?  And if I tell you, “Under no circumstances should you alter, change, think about, Scientology” – dizzz – all I’ve done is set up another monster. Right?  And in a world that is all too prone to build Frankensteins, we don’t need another one!…

The day it becomes a vital subject that we MUST have a credit in, Scientology becomes a slave subject.

So I ask you, don’t ever let it happen.”

– LRH, 30 Dec 1957 Cause and Effect. Ability Congress, Washington D.C.


So what others and myself are trying to do is reform Scientology.

We are not fighting Scientology, we are objecting to the violations of basic policies such as ARC, granting of beingness and using R (Reality) in PR.

We do not think that staff should be made wrong and endlessly sec checked when they leave, but believe that they should be appropriately acknowledged for the good they have done.

We believe that people on the whole are willing, and are not full of evil intentions, who purposefully “sabotage” projects. Where did you guys get onto this kick that whenever something doesn’t go quite right that somebody is trying to sabotage something?

We object to harsh ethics and the military style treatment of people.

We object to this idea that the individual is nothing, his Bridge and even my own Bridge are nothing, as long as Scientology survives.

Have you forgotten what Scientology is actually about? It is about people. It is about you, and me, and Joe, the “wog.”

Scientology is about living life, about “playing a better game in the individual’s own estimation.” What do you think we are going to do once we are all OT XV, and all beings on the 76 planets in this sector of the universe, and even the entire universe, are all OT XV? We are going to play the game called life, and we are going to have to learn to live with one another. So lets do it now.

Lets not take absolutely every last penny from Joe for ideal orgs until he is so deep in debt that he cannot afford his own Bridge. Lets not sell 7 sets of Basics to Joe just so that we can report that the stat is up.

 “We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing. But that’s not important. When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some HE (high explosives) under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going. Don’t get interested in real estate. Don’t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that’s not important.

“What is important is how much service you can give the world and how much you can get done and how much better you can make things. These are important things. These are all that are important. A bank account never measured the worth of a man. His ability to help measured his worth and that’s all. A bank account can assist one to help but where it ceases to do that it becomes useless.”

–L. Ron Hubbard

31 December 1960 lecture, The Genus of Dianetics and Scientology.

Scientology works, and is needed. But some of the methods of treatment of people are not only not needed, they are destroying the subject entirely.

The sky has been falling down for an eternity. Just relax. Follow LRH’s advice on the spirit of play as follows, and get a real, honest, show on the road:

“There’s nothing succeeds like insouciance. Plain flippancy will actually get more done in less time than anything else you can name.

“As we go up the tone scale and things become lighter and lighter, a person can of course become much more ethical and at the same time lots less serious.

“It sounds funny that a person who is very serious is liable to fall short on his ethics …

“As we get up the tone scale, we find that individuals are airier and lighter and actually more aesthetic.

“And the more serious you take the game, the less chance there is of winning ….

“This tells you it takes lots of space, and lots of unseriousness to win.”

–L. Ron Hubbard

LRH > PDC Lecture 26 > “Flows: Characteristics Of”

And yes, if you do choose to reform Scientology, much confusion would blow off as order is being put into chaos. But Scientology would be a far greater subject, and would expand, because it would be a theta thing to do. And people would not have to be coerced into doing it, but would come to orgs in droves.

If you would actually heed the advices and complaints of those no longer in Scientology, you may yet bring about a new Golden Age.


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