OT IX and X

In 1986, at the LRH Memorial Event in Los Angeles, it was announced that LRH had completed the OT Levels up to OT XV. We were told at that event that all the levels up to OT X were fully written up and codified, awaiting only their release by Scientology Management, and that the balance of the OT levels needed only to be codified.

That was 26 years ago. Children have been born, grown up and graduated college since that announcement was made.

Only one of these levels has been released, OT VIII. That level was released 23 years ago. And, as noted here, there have been three different versions of OT VIII. Three different versions of a level supposedly “fully compiled” in 1986. But no OT IX and X.


Of course, there has been plenty of talk about OT IX and X. Lots of talk, lots of promises. The release of OT IX and X was supposed to happen, we were told, “when all Orgs reach the size of Old Saint Hill.” Nowadays, one never hears about “Saint Hill Size Orgs.” Now it’s “Ideal Orgs.” And we still hear tantalizing hints about “OT IX and X” – “come to this special briefing and hear about plans to release OT IX and X.” “Donate now and ensure the future release of OT IX and X.”

And OT VIIIs are called to the Freewinds for “OT IX and X Preps.”

But year after year goes by, and these levels are not released.


We all know the Church is desperate for money. We see it in every phone call, every e-mail, every briefing. Don’t you think, if they had new OT Levels in hand, they would find some way to release them? But they don’t.


Here’s the deep, dark secret they don’t want you to know:

They don’t exist.

What does exist, according to former Int Base staff, is a number of file cabinets of LRH’s session folders from the last few years of his life, containing his worksheets and notes. They are not compiled into OT levels. They are not codified in any way. And no one, not even the great David Miscavige, has any idea how to compile them.

But, you ask, what about that 1986 event where it was announced that they were fully compiled, all ready for release? Well, just recall what else was announced at that live event – for instance, that LRH had handed over the reins to Pat Broeker, as per the issue that was handed out, Flag Order 3879. Later we were told that wasn’t true. So what else about that event wasn’t true?

By Jeff Hawkins


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