OT III — Hubbard’s Case

(Note: This page does not contain any actual OT data)

Here is an interesting quote by LRH:

“Now, one of the biggest control factors there is, is mystery. Mystery is a tremendous control factor. The presentation of a mystery can operate to enslave.

–Component Parts of Beingnessingness, 4 June 1955, from the lecture series Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress

I find this interesting as he has done exactly this! He made a mystery out of the OT levels, by saying such things as you will die of pneumonia if you read these levels before you are ready for them. All he is doing by creating this mystery is to use it as a marketing tool, and to keeping one trapped into paying for and doing the “next step.”

Hubbard’s grandiose sense of self was so big that he went so far as to set himself up as the hero of the OT III story, saying that he was the one responsible for defeating the head villain of the “OT III incident” in an earlier incarnation. The fact that scientologists believe Hubbard’s delusions of grandeur is somewhat odd.

Some even go to the extent where they create their own psychosomatic symptoms in response to their own fear of an incident that never happened. This, to them, is further proof that it is real. For other scientologists, the wrong indication of the OT III story makes them ill. This once again, “proves” to them that the story is real, as Hubbard said they would get sick if they were not ready to receive the data.

The charge that is in fact being handled on OT III is the charge that has been created by the wrong indication of the OT III story. So the EP “freedom from Overwhelm” is achieved, but this is from the overwhelm that is created by the OT III story itself.

This freedom from overwhelm will not last for two reasons: 1) they have not handled overwhelm in life, and 2) even though they are told they are completed with handling a specific case manifestation when they complete OT III, they will be told upon starting OT V that they need to handle more of the same. This is also why some people say OT V answered so many questions for them—what question could it possibly answer for them other than “Why am I still messed up, even though I have handled all of these things on OT III?” Of course, the answer they get is not the true answer, but it does help them to “understand” the situation, and therefore it does “answer so many questions” for them.

The main “wins” that people have on OT III are those of now “knowing” what happened to this sector of the universe, and “knowing” the big “secret.”

It is true that a phenomena is observed on OT III that does actually exist, however, this phenomenon is of one’s own manufacture, not that of other beings. This means that one never handles the source of the “OT case.” Therefore the OT levels can serve as a wrong indication, a wrong “why” and a wrong solution. That is also why the OT levels can take so very long—eventually people just give up, and “attest” to the completion of the level. This is also why scientology OT levels produce no real OTs, and no OT abilities. People doing these levels may previously already have had what could be called “OT abilities” before starting scientology, but these levels certainly do not give them more abilities than they originally had.

Furthermore, those doing OT III are often somewhat withdrawn after having done the level. They can be introverted and less communicative, almost as if they are withholding something. Often times they are out of present time, or hear inanimate things talking to them. Some go quite psychotic. Of course, in others, having done OT III can be an ego boost, so one finds these people being somewhat arrogant.


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  1. How interesting. So glad I read this. I did decide that I am not going to do the OT levels and now I’m all the more convinced that it’s the right decision.

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