1. How can the Church of Scientology clear the planet if the bridge cost $360,000 or more?

2. If the tech is 100% standard why is all the review auditing taken place? Shouldn’t it be free?

3. If Scientology is about “Total” Freedom, then why are you not allowed to read other truths and check out anything on the internet?

4. Why is heavy ethics necessary in Scientology?

5. Have you seen a massive inflow of people moving up the Bridge in your area as a result of having a fancy new building?

6. If it is all about Total Freedom for all, why sell the lectures for thousands of dollars, rather than allowing public to download them for free off the internet? Surely this would make planetary clearing easier?

7. Why was David Mayo, such a big SP, working as Ron’s #1 tech terminal?

8. How did the practice of regging for pure donations get started? Why? What is this based on? Why was it not done when LRH was on the lines but is done now?

9. Where is the president of the church, Heber Jentz?

10. Where did Guillaume Leserve disappear to?

11. What happens to the elderly staff members that can’t work so hard anymore?

12. If Scientology is a religion for the good of all man, why has it been monopolized by being copyrighted?

13. Where does the money go? Why do parishioners who make donations not get an annual financial report from the Church?

14. What happened to Mike Rinder? Ronnie Miscaviage? Michelle Miscaviage?

15. Why do most people who come into Scientology leave? Why do so many new public simply disappear off the lines?

16. Since when did “Truth” have one side?

17. When was the last time scientology was fun?

18. What happened to your first dynamic?

19. Are the flows from management what you’d call “theta”?

20. Have you REALLY done Doubt, step 1?

21. Is this why you joined Scientology?

22. Is Scientology the ONLY route to freedom?


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