Message to a Scientologist


Yes, all is not well in the land of paradise. It seems you have come across some out-points in the org, as have I.

As for myself, coming from the viewpoint of having been an executive staff member for many years, and having worked very closely with the Sea Org in the last few years of my staff career, I can say that there is too much going on behind the scenes that is an exact opposite of what scientology claims to be.

Scientology, to me, has become all about fund-raising, with auditing only being important to orgs as a source of income.

As for the training, most of the training being delivered these days has nothing to do with teaching people how to audit others. And for the scant few who are doing actual auditor training, it is taking them YEARS and YEARS to graduate. Can anyone say “arbitraries”?

From my viewpoint, Scientology has become an us-versus-them organization. It seems to be that Scientology staff, and especially Sea Org members, have an obsessive desire to fight an “enemy,” and if there is no enemy in sight, they make an enemy of their own staff, and their own people, so that they can fight them. This is reflected by the fact that Scientologists never actually handle upsets that people have with them, and so remedy the situation, but immediately embark upon character assasinations of the upset person. Scientologists can never be wrong, and so the scene in the orgs does not change, or improve.

In all the international events we are constantly indoctrinated with the idea that Scientology is experiencing “unprecedented expansion.” Yet at the same time staff pay is an atrocity, and this is being excused away as being due to the fact that orgs are not big enough. So this is a contradiction, and either one, if not both of these assertions, is a falsehood.

Why is it always the same old faces we see at events and fundraisers? Why is that even though there a call-in list of thousands of people, most of them have never set foot in the org in years, and avoid it at all costs?

Happiness is the ability to confront anything. Scientology is the science of “knowing how to know”. Therefore, If one is going to spend thousands, even millions on a system to help oneself, don’t you want to know what former staff and public say about it? Look everywhere you can and decide for yourself. “What is true is what is true for you.”

Recently I received an e-mail from Debbie Cook, who was the Captain of flag for 17 years.

Man, that explained a lot of things to me.

You can find her e-mail here:

In the beginning, seeing these out-points for what they are was very hard to confront. But then I’ve heard it said that the way out is the way through. And having pushed through, I am happier, healthier, more successful, more self-determined, more open in my communication, financially better off, more mature, less “stuck” in viewpoints, spiritually much improved, more relaxed, less serious, more free, and generally far, far better off than I ever have been.


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