Who Scientology Appeals to

People who get attracted to Scientology are generally good people. However, a lot of the time they are people who lack a certain sense of belonging.

Scientology allows them to belong.

Scientology also offers them something else: it allows them to feel important. This is very appealing to the prospective Scientologist who has not really enjoyed a high social status amongst his or her former peer group.

Sometimes it happens that those with previously low self-esteem join Scientology and get into a position of some authority, and then use this new-found power to dominate and bully others.

People usually join Scientology when they are facing some crisis in their lives. Were you to ask a Scientologist if they joined Scientology because they were depressed, they would likely deny this. However, this is usually the case.

People also often join Scientology after major changes in their lives, such as divorce, business failures, a death in the family, a change of career etc.

Others join Scientology out of a genuine desire to help improve things in the world. It is these types who generally leave Scientology once they discover what a con it really is.

Scientology has a very big appeal to those interested in conspiracies, aliens and all things Sci Fi and mysterious. These types usually get totally stuck into Scientology, and cannot leave it nor discard its philosophy, as Scientology claims to offer the answers to “the secrets of this sector of the Universe,” lol!

A lot of Scientologists are “seeking answers”, which is why many of them still independently continue their pursuit of Scientology once they have left “Corporate Scientology.” Others get involved in different, also mysterious, ologies once they leave.

Many people become Scientologists after they have failed to find the answers they were looking for in other religions or spiritual practices.

Many Scientologists are also the type that get involved in Network Marketing and other similar get-rich-quick schemes.

On the whole, it just seems to me that Scientologists are the type who are looking for the “Grand Solution,” the one-stop answer to all of their problems. They would be better off if they simply accepted that they were living in a physical universe that is governed by physical laws, and simply got on with the business of living life.

Scientologists shun away from being “materialist”, and so they neglect their current lives. Instead of evaluating the effectiveness of Scientology by how it has improved their living conditions, they evaluate it by how “happy” they are. They might be broke, they might be living off of family and friends, they might not be able to drive, they might not own their own apartment or house, they might be claiming alimony from their ex-wives, but so long as they are “happy”, to them, Scientology “works.”

Basically a lot of Scientologists are really living in their own heads, and are unable to confront the fact that their own personal lives are in shambles, and actually do something about it.


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