Increasing Staff Pay

Ever wondered why staff pay just will NOT go up and stay up?

Still waiting for it to happen, even after YEARS of being broke on staff?

Still hanging in there, thinking it will happen, if the org “just gets on policy!”

Here is the real “Why”, and the actual solution:

Manning up an organization: Keeping an admin/tech ratio of 2 to 1, meaning you would have only one third of the personnel delivering billable service. Do the math—what service organization can survive with this over-administration without staff being paid so poorly as to not be able to afford basic needs?

In most orgs, the admin-tech ratio is greater than 5 to 1, or even more. How can one person generate enough income to pay wages for 5 others or more? This only works if you run your organization using poorly paid or unpaid volunteers.

But the ratio, in reality, is even worse than that, as Class V orgs and other service organizations need to support Continental Liason Offices and other management entities which do not produce income from delivering training or auditing.

Managed from top-down: Weekly statistics. Several statistics for each post. Managed from top-down. I have seen this creating frantic and neurotic organization with little long-term vision.

Most staff members regularly receive conflicting orders from several different executives. An big outpoint is the fact that the technical division which delivers the products that generate income is way down the org board. Almost every top post in the church is being held by an untrained person. Imagine a software company where there were no technical experts in top management!

Written by Geir Isene and expanded upon by David St Lawrence (Old Auditor).


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