Have you ever wondered why your Int Rundown had to be done over and over and over again?

Well firstly, many people read on “Out Int?” simply because they don’t understand what the question means.

But I’ll tell you the main reason why it had to be done so many times: it’s because the reason given that one went “Out-Int” in the first place is untrue.

Think about it:

*if one is living in an oppressive environment and really wants to leave in order to get rid of the suppression but one cannot leave as one will be declared “suppressive”;

*if one cannot make enough money in order to eat properly by working at the org, yet one cannot leave as one has signed a 5 year contract and will be left with a freeloader bill if one breaks it;

*if one must must must reg all day but there are no more public left to reg;

*if one must must must produce as the CO CLO is breathing down your neck, yet there is genuinely nothing left to do at the time;

*if one must must must do call-in but the phone lines have been suspended by the telecommunications company, and one is tired of using one’s own money on org phone calls…


One will start to feel “pressures from the environment,” one will get “headaches”, one will have the “urge to leave.” Duh…

Out-int is a problem of “must leave, can’t leave” or “must be in a place, can’t be in that place.”

“Out-int” was another invention of Hubbard to prevent any inclination a Scientologist has to want to escape from an oppressive atmosphere, much the same way as his ethics tech is. It is another part of Scientology tech used to gain control over the mind of the Scientologist.

The “auditing” of out-int is really more like a reg interview: one gets repeated an idea over and over and over again until one becomes used to it. In a reg interview it may be that the Registrar is repeating reasons why one should donate to the IAS, until the point where one feels comfortable doing so and then finally does donate.

In the Int Rundown, the auditor is making the PC get comfortable with the idea of going into things (such as joining staff), until he or she is once again happy about being “in.”

Of course, as time goes on, the person once again realises that being on staff is a monumental fuck-up, and so the “pressures from the environment,” “headaches”, and the “urge to leave” continue all over again, and one is once more “Out-Int.”

It has nothing at all to do with going exterior in session, it has everything to do with being stuck in a suppressive environment that at the same time claims to be one’s only route to spiritual salvation and “Total Freedom.”

Buddhists and Hare Krishna’s who exteriorise all the time don’t display Out-int phenomena. It’s only the Scientologists who are threatened with their eternity and feel that they must stay in a suppressive environment in order to survive who go Out-int.

Out-int is not a problem of the spirit having left the body, it is a problem of the person being totally stuck in Scientology.

They are “interiorised” as per the Tech Dictionary definition “Going into something too fixedly and becoming part of it/unable to get out.”


1 Response to Out-Int

  1. Daphne says:

    Wow! What a different way of seeing it. I was one of those who had End of Endless Int. This is revolutionary. I like it.

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